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Financial Enterprise Optimisation

We offer customers with operational and technological networks an unprecedented Network-Service-Economic Analytics and Reporting solution that generates Granular, Objective and Actionable Financial Enterprise Optimisation Insights quickly to help your Finance, Operations and Marketing Teams.

In today’s complex operations a detailed understanding of profitability is lacking which results in missed opportunities and unnecessary costs.  Investments are often incremental in nature and currently impossible to follow up. Companies work with slow processes and solutions generating a top-down averaged perspective while not seeing the real financial performance.

We take a cost-effective approach and leverage your existing investments in cloud, data lake/warehouse, architecture and IT solutions.  By analysing and correlating source data from your operations, billing, assets, accounting and CRM solutions we create an actual, objective picture of the financial performance and improvements of your products, services, assets, organisational units and customers.

Get Actionable Insights


Improve Profitability

Find Sustainable Growth

Improve your performance with our insights

Fast – Time to React

Flexible – Align with your processes and organisation

Actionable – Tailor to your goals and objectives

  • Follow actual performance and ROI of every investment
  • Find the highest ROI investment opportunities
  • Analyse profitable growth alternatives
  • Automate business case calculations


  • Specific understanding and reduction of OPEX
  • Forecast and find optimal CAPEX
  • Detailed cost understanding and comparison across operations
  • Identification of highest savings potential


  • Find sustainable growth
  • Drive ROI in marketing
  • Financially analyse services and customers in detail
  • Automate profitability analysis and forecasts


Our service offering

Our network of experts covers both the horizontal end-to-end understanding and deep specific domain competence.




We tailor complementing modules to create the required links and data structures to bridge the gaps in the existing data and solutions environment.

Our proprietary architecture manages high volume and high velocity of data with assured data quality from your multiple sources.


Our modules


Use actual data from existing sources to gain a true picture of performance.


Build common data formats and correlate across data sources.


Tailor and align reports and  KPIs to organisation, goals, objectives, processes.

Meet the team

Carl Gandeborn

Carl Gandeborn


25 years’ experience with class-leading technology companies including CEO/CCO positions with PE/VC backed firms starting new ventures, transforming or turning them around. Earlier he held senior roles in Nokia as Country Director, Head Solutions and Applications and he was member of Nokia’s regional management team in LATAM and APAC. He started his career in telecoms at Ericsson.

Before entering the TMT sector, Carl worked as a Managment Consultant at PwC and as an Accountant at Grant Thomton.

Carl holds a BSc from University of Warwick, UK, followed by excecutive courses at IMD, Switzerland.

Antony Rix

Antony Rix


A serial entrepreneur, engineer and data scientist. He developed PESQ (ITU-T P.862), a machine-learning based call quality measurement system, gained his PhD and co-founded network performance analysis specialist Psytechnics (acquired by Netscout in 2011). 

12 yeas at TTP delivering projects in mobile TV, communications, enterprise systems and novel network architectures. He was founding CEO at industrial asset monitoring specialist 8power, and now, through Granta Innovation, advises and supports companies developing data systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Kiran Kotresh

Kiran Kotresh

VP Delivery

An experienced software and technology CTO and consultant. He served as co-founder and CTO for a health-tech SaaS company and for a couple media-tech companies in OTT streaming, broadcasting and post production AI software.

His corporate experience covers senior positions in research & product development primarily around telecommunications, computer graphics. He started his career at Hewlett Packard, where he published technology papers, and secured numerous product awards. He has a Masters in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology (NIT), India.

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